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85: Class B: The Aldi - ABP Irish Angus Bull Calf born from November 1st 2022 to January 31st 2023

Cattle ➤ Pedigree Beef Section ➤ Aberdeen Angus Thu, 20th Jul, 2023

Aldi ABP Irish Angus All Ireland Bull Calf Championships 2023 
in association with ABP & Irish Angus Cattle Society
€27,000 Prizefund

Irish Angus Bull Calf born on or between 01-11-22 & 31-01-23

Class A: 1st €2000, 2nd €750, 3rd €400, 4th €200, 5th €150,

Qualifiers Prizefund: €250 for each qualified animal exhibited in finals at Iverk Show
Rules & Conditions

Breeder/Exhibitor must be a member of the Irish Angus Cattle Society

Animal must be registered in the herd book of the Irish Angus Cattle Society from birth Transferred animals are not eligible for entry

Competition confined to exhibitor bred bulls only                                                    

Myostatin: All animals must be tested, double carriers not eligible to show in Iverk

Two bulls from each section may qualify at one of the designated qualifying shows, if in the judge’s opinion they are of the required standard.

Breeder may only qualify two animals from each section for the final.

All bulls will be weighed by an ICBF Inspector at qualifying shows & final.     

Birth Weight 45kgs + 1.6kg per day. (A calf will only be weighed once and if found    to be over the specified weight, it will be debarred from the competition)

Prizemoney for qualified animals will be paid on presentation in the ring at final in Iverk 
Judges decision at Regional Qualifiers and Finals at Iverk Show will be final. 

Entry fee for qualifying shows is €20 payable to the relevant Show Society
Entry fee for final is €15 payable to Iverk Show Society

 Classes A, B, C

A: Irish Angus Bull Calf born from Feb.1st 2023 to April 30th 2023
B: Irish Angus Bull Calf born from November 1st 2022 to January 31st 2023
C: Irish Angus Bull Calf born from August 1st 2022 to October 31st 2022

All enquiries to Irish Angus Office: 071 9620253 or Co-Ordinator Michael Flanagan:
086 2540473

FINAL: IVERK SHOW Saturday 26th August 2023

No entries permitted on day of event.

Cattle Ring
Entry Fee:  
Class is currently closed for entry.